Top 10 Most Important Medical Devices

These days the demand for the medical devices has increased considerably. They help to diagnose, monitor the patients who have severe health problems. There are many doctors and the managers who wish to but such type of medical device. For them more than budget, quality matters.


Different types of medical device have emerged on the market that is popular such as:


  1. Therapeutic Device

The device like LASIK. Infusion pumps and medical lasers are used as the surgical machine for making the treatment more effective.


  1. Mechanical Ventilators


Thanks to the introduction of the iron lung, the polio problem can be treated pretty well. The medical ventilators have been proved best to keep the person alive at the time of acute respiratory failure. These type of ventilators are known for intensive care which helps in proper respiratory functions especially the one who fails to get proper respiration.


  1. Hospital Bed


You must have noticed this type of device in almost every hospital and clinic. It needs to check the therapist, make them rest and also offers features like:


Parallelogram side rails

Foot section can be raised manually

Instant CPR release

Electrically adjust height, knee & back sections

Controls on the foot end and on the side rails

Side rail controls can be locked out by a caregiver

Retractable frame


  1. Life Support Device


They help to maintain the functions of the body in a proper way. It also includes ECMO, anesthetic machines, dialysis machines, medical ventilators and heart machines important for first aid for 3rd degree burns. They are known for the durable quality and long-term usability.


  1. Diagnostic Medical Device


Such a device is also used as the home medical device and is given to the patients having diabetes problem.


  1. Medical Monitors


It is more useful for the medical staff to understand the patient’s health and the current state. Such monitors help the staff to know how well the patient reasoning is. Vital signs like dissolved gases, EEG, ECG and blood pressure can be quickly known.


  1. Thermometer


This kind of medical device is very important in checking the temperature of a patient.


  1. Stethoscope


Is also an important device which can be used for listening sounds or auscultation which are produced by internal organs such as intestines, lungs, heart and blood flow in the veins and arteries.


  1. Scissors


This device is very important especially in emergency cases. They can be used in cutting clothes to administer medical treatment to injuries body parts.


  1. Personal protective equipment


These may include gloves, mask and scrubs. This can protect one from contamination.


When planning to purchase any of the above medical devices, it is better to do a good study on it.